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YES. I’ve finally finished my little illegal work aka finished ripping and uploading Documentary in London, the 1-hour part from Extraordinary 20’s DVD. Yay me.

This is the longest part in the DVDs. Documentary in London, from disc 1, about 1 hour in length. With Eng sub. As usual, resolution is 850x480


Choi Seunghyun with his tiny smile saying ‘this is my 8th cup of coffee’. Youngbae feeling nervous coming to London. My perfect Korean Jude Law Seungri with his “Harry Potto”. Outside shooting. Youngbae teasing the puppy (actually, it’s a big dog). Jiyong’s smile. Daesung said, “It’s good to be working again”. The extraordinary photographer Hong Jang Hyun and his “closer almost kissing” instructions for DaeRi and ToBae. 

Big Bang playing in the park. Oh my god, my babies. BABIESSSSSSSS ♥♥♥ Cute Jiyong and foliage, cute Jiyong dancing and having fun like a kid. I discover that the reason why Youngbae calls 5-year-old Tabi ‘hyung’ - its because Youngbae is actually 3. He’s energetic, he’s playful, he tries everything in the park - and we see a very mature maknae filming his Bae hyung playing with a smirk. Bae’s convo with the random lady. Dae riding the tiny bike making the kids laugh. Merry-go-round, Big Bang having fun while Seungri made his philosophical speech about ‘life is turning’ lmao lmao.

ToDae scene with Tabi whining about his birthday. Inside shoots, sexy sexy Jiyong. Youngbae doing kungfu panda pose, cute feet pics, Tabi accidentally ripped off Bae’s fav Tshirt. Bday party for Tabi in the end ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ So warm, so happy, so cute.

Seungri - “Seunghyun, why aren’t you wearing my shoes?” haha ♥.♥  

I’m so so happy that Big Bang is back together as five. Extraordinary Big Bang with ordinary moments, I hope you enjoy watching this, just like I do :)

(☞゚∀゚)☞ DOWNLOAD:

Extraordinary 20’s - DOCUMENTARY IN LONDON (~1.1 GB, 11 parts)

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011

*Please like or reblog if downloading :) 

**Please take out with full credit. Please don’t reupload on any site, or at least drop me a message first. This big baby took a lot of time to rip and upload, so :)

*** I’d really appreciate if you guys do me a favor ^^ If you download all the files and join them successfully, could you please let me know that the links work for you? :) You can pm me here or just mention me on twitter saying ‘the london vid links work fine’ or sth like that. 

It’s because last time there are only 3 parts but I received like 30 msgs a day with “the link is broken etc” which turned out to be a browser/MF server problem. I’d go insane if the same thing happens with 11 parts this time, so please, let me know if you have no problem with my links :D 

☞ Regarding the download:

1. Use HJSplit (Windows) or Split&Concat (MacHacha) (with MAC users) to join 11 parts together. Please make sure that you download all parts properly and put them in the same folder before start joining.

2. If Mediafire says that any link is broken, please try to change your browser first and see if it works. I’ve seen several ppl facing broken link problem last time, but as soon as they change the browser it works normally.

3. Type “how to join files using HJSplit” on Google if you don’t know how. I’m Phuong, that’s my name, my name is not Google so please don’t send me msgs asking me ‘how to join the files’. 

I guess that’s it? Enjoy ^__^

★ Other(s) 


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[MFExtraordinary 20’s - Making in Seoul Studio (Eng sub, 101MB)

[MFExtraordinary 20’s - Special interview MTV EMA 2011 (Eng sub, 24 MB, from disc 1) 

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